Mouse Elbow is the New Tennis Elbow

Have you ever wondered about the consequences of repeated computer use? There are many classic causes of what’s become known as “tennis elbow,” but computer activity is an emerging concern of doctors and researchers. The reason being, the lengthly amount of time an average office worker spends using a keyboard and mouse on a daily basis. 

Tennis elbow is a muscle strain injury that results from repeated contraction of the forearm muscles that are used to straighten and raise our hand and wrist. Tennis elbow occurs on the outside of the elbow, while golfer’s elbow affects the inner tendons. Both are characterized by sharp pain or muscle aches and can create a combination of symptoms. 

In addition to daily computer use, these are other common reasons for developing tennis or golfer’s elbow:

  • Using plumbing tools
  • Painting
  • Using tools such as a screwdriver or hammer
  • Chopping cooking ingredients or wood
  • Yard work
  • Assembly line work

It’s a good idea to take breaks every hour when you are sitting at a desk or working a job that requires constant use of your hands. Just a few minutes to get up and stretch your muscles goes a long way. In addition to rehab exercises, there are minimally invasive treatment options available to heal your arm pain. With Tennex TX1 for tendon treatment, ultrasonic energy is is used to cut and remove the diseased, pain-causing portion of the tendon without damaging it. As the first interventional radiologists in the country to use the device, we are the only Official Tenex Center of Excellence in the state of Nebraska. We train physicians from all over the country how to use this great, minimally invasive technology. 

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