Got Tendonitis? Bad Form May Be the Cause

Did you know that you can develop tennis elbow without ever setting foot on a tennis court? A large number of tennis elbow cases and other types of tendonitis like jumper’s knee and golfer’s elbow develop as a result of bad form during weightlifting and other workout activities.

Bad form in the gym during lifting weights, squatting, jumping and even using the treadmill or stair stepper can cause muscles and joints to work in ways they weren’t intended. This improper use can wear down connective tissue over time, causing pain, inflammation and even loss of use or mobility. Dr. Budler sees many cases of tendonitis in different joints caused by bad form during exercise.

You can reduce your risk of developing tendonitis, muscle strains and sprains, and other sports injuries by using correct form. Check your form with these tips:

Practice Good Posture. It’s tempting to lean or hunch over when on an exercise machine, especially when you’re tired, but you are putting yourself at risk of injury. Stand up or sit up straight on the machine you’re working on to prevent back and neck injuries and pain. Make sure to turn your hands inward, so your elbows bow out. Keep a relaxed posture and hold your core tight throughout your workout.

Lift Correctly. Lifting weights is a great way to get fit, but do it incorrectly or lift too much weight and you may end up in pain instead. Using proper techniques minimizes your risk of injury. Overworking muscles can also lead to wear and tear on tendons and other tissues that leads to inflammation and tissue breakdown.

Stretch It Out. Stretching is an essential part of any workout. Jumping into the gym without warming up your cold muscles may result in a painful pulled muscle or torn tendon. Regular stretching keeps your tissues loose, which helps your performance.

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