A Non-Surgical Treatment for Male Infertility

One of the most common – and correctable – causes of male infertility is varicocele.  Varicocele is a network of varicose (tangled) veins in the scrotum that can constrict blood flow and lead to testicular atrophy and infertility.  It can be unsightly and painful as well.  At Advanced Radiology, one of our interventional radiologists can provide relief through a non-surgical varicocele embolization treatment.

For couples wishing to get pregnant, studies have shown a 30-50% pregnancy rate increase following the male undergoing a varicocele embolization procedure.  Embolization provides a less traumatic alternative to vascular surgery, and requires less down time for recovery.

The radiologist inserts a small catheter into a major vein close to the problem area and threads it through the circulatory system to the varicose vein.  A sclerosing agent is released through the catheter that breaks down the varicose vein and causes it to collapse.  The collapse of the varicose vein allows normal blood flow to be restored to the area.  Typical recovery time is just a few weeks.